Easiest Coconut Chocolate Mousse

Easy Coconut Chocolate Mousse FinishedLast night I was making a really delicious, if I may say so myself, Coconut inspired meal for the family, and ended up with some extra coconut cream. Dearest brother is not dairy-free and so helped himself to my favourite cookies and cream icecream as dessert. Determined not to break my (at this point four-day-old) dairy-free break, I decided I would make something out of my leftovers… okay, and maybe lick the icecream scoop. Self control isn’t my strong point- which is why I needed to make these yummies to keep me on track!

This is the quick and easy version I came up with last night, but if you don’t mind adding a few more minutes and a few more ingredients to the mix, then make sure you try the even more decadent recipe I came up with after a few tweaks. This recipe comes out a lot like the standard New Zealand “chocolate mousse” which is much more like chocolate mixed with whipped cream than the real french “mousse au chocolat”. You will also find that, because the setting agent hasn’t been heated with the mix, it will be a little grainier than some may prefer. I added a close up down the bottom of this post so you can see. Don’t be put off though, this came out delicious and is definitely something I’d be happy to make for guests, just being the chocoholic I am, I’m a little fussy and would prefer something that was a little more authentic- which is while I’ll be posting recipe number 2 for coco chocolate mousse later on!


-1 x400g tin Coconut Cream

-5 tablespoons Cocoa

-2 tablespoons runny honey

-1 sachet of setting agent (I use Jel-It-In Vegetarian setting powder as it is clear and unflavoured)


1. Whip coconut cream in a food processor

2. As it starts to thicken slightly, add in the honey and then the cocoa powder until fully mixed

3. Finally, add the setting agent and whip for a few more minutes until the consistency thickens a little

4. Pour into ramekins or other serving dishes, and leave to set in the fridge

5. Sprinkle with dessicated coconut if you want to play up that flavour! I served mine wit slivered almonds and flowers on top.

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