Here are my favourites!

Favourite links for inspiration, politics, recipes, pretty things, you name it.


Against All Grain

Against All Grain is an awesome website with tonnes of recipes for gluten free or paleo eaters. She even has a recipe book I’m dying to get my hands on- check it out!



Once’It is a members only site which provides sales for designer brand fashion and home ware. You can find great New Zealand brands on here and they only put up quality products. This is your one-stop shop for conscious consumerism! You do need to be invited by a member though so if you’re keen on joining let me know and I will send you an invite 🙂


Yoga Journal


BodyPoised is the amazing blog of Auckland Yogini Sophie Rimmer. I met Sophie a few years back when she was working at Lululemon and she is now teaching classes all around the city, and contributing in a huge way to the Auckland Yoga scene. This girl is full of passion and love for life and she is definitely worth watching. Follow her on Twitter @BodyPoised


These girls have set up an amazing platform for all sorts of awesome healthy happiness on their website and Facebook page. Well worth a look.


Tiny Buddha

Her title says it all: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives.


NZ Green Party

Vote Green 2014 please 🙂 These guys are fantastic and I believe the only party in parliament that really has a positive vision for an Aotearoa that is both economically and environmentally rich. And socially, and culturally too of course 🙂


Generation Zero

GenZero are an incredible group of young people committed to leaving the planet in a better way than they found it. I know many of these young world-changers personally and they are each so full of positivity; enthusiasm and love for life. They are well worth watching.

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