My Rejuve' Juice

My Rejuve’ Juice

Rejuve’ Juice

Serves 2-3 glasses

I adore this juice because it is so simple, quick and easy to make, and it is super rejuvenating.

-2 large organic carrots, unpeeled with only the tops taken off

-1 medium organic carrot, peeled with the top taken off (you may need to cut this depending on the dimensions of your juicer)

-2 large stalks of organic celery all the way down to the white base, with only the leaves and base taken off

Rinse all your veggies and juice!

Carrot and ginger juice

Ginge Juice

“Ginge” Juice

Again, this is super simple but super delicious. It is nice and zingy and great for when you’re feeling coldy.

Serves 2-3 glasses depending on your juicer and produce size

-2 large organic carrots, unpeeled with only the tops taken off

-2cm knob of ginger, peeled

Simply rinse and juice!

Apple and Beetroot Boost Juice

Apple and Beetroot Boost Juice

Apple and Beetroot Boost Juice

See full post here for details and pictures.

4 peeled oranges

5 small apples

1 beetroot with ends removed

100g Cavallo Nero/ Kale

1 peeled lemon

1 knuckle of ginger

Juice it up! I do the base of apples and oranges first as it allows me to double-juice them to make the most of precious liquid.

I try to keep the skins on most veggies I juice for added goodness so don’t bother peeling your beetroot- just cut it up into nice small chunks that are easily digestible by your juicer!

If you want a bit more of a smoothie-like texture or some extra fibre I would definitely recommend adding some of the apple pulp back in-delish!


Tropicana pineapple and orange juice

Tropicana Juice

Tropicana Juice

Simplest of simple try this flavour combination!

-1/4 of a Pineapple, with the skin cut off (a few brown sharp bits don’t matter)

-2 organic oranges, peeled

*Note: I like to keep my fruit and veggies unpeeled most of the time. A lot of nutrients are found in the skins, so keep them on if you can! I only peel those with skins that may be too tough for the blender or sometimes for things like beetroot which are covered in soil and difficult to get completely clean.

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