Well hi there, 2015…


Being in New Zealand, I’m excited to say we will be among the first people to welcome in the New Year in approximately three hours!

The New Year can be an exciting time, with lots of great opportunities to come- new jobs; new academic years; and a chance to start afresh. These can all be really inspiring and exciting times, and for some people it can be the boost they need to get the life on track, clean up their nutrition, break free of bad habits, and all that kind of good stuff. If you’re in that camp, then good on you!

However, I’m getting really bored of these “New Year, New You!” advertising slogans that are getting thrown around- usually attached to some airbrushed, photoshopped model wearing expensive clothes and displaying a lifestyle that is totally unattainable for most people. That’s not to say that you can’t use the New Year to motivate you, to start fresh, to inspire you to achieve your goals, you absolutely can. Just remember, that you don’t need to be a “New You”. If you’re reading this, you’re pretty cool already 😉

Now, whingeing over, I’m going to go ahead and make my New Years Resolution-

“Keep on being awesome!”

Thumbs up people! We made it through 2014!

We may not have lost x kilos; we may not have been to the gym everyday, but you know what? We did pretty damn good. So this year my resolution is to not make anymore unrealistic, body-shaming resolutions. My old body has served me pretty well so far, so I’m pretty happy to take the “old me” into the New Year, along with all the great experiences and lessons 2014 has given me.

I might make a few extra smoothies, and maybe try and extra trip to the gym, but for tonight I’m going to eat all the damn cheese I want 😉

Rock on 2015! Happy New Year everyone!


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