Super simple Chocberry Protein Smoothie

I was busy experimenting with new treats in the kitchen in preparation for our exciting shoot with Maria Pogodina Photography this weekend and I decided I deserved a treat of my own!

This smoothie is super simple with delicious strawberries and a hint of chocolate! The blend of almond and coconut milks makes this deliciously creamy and is a good go-to for those who love the taste and consistency of cows milk, but who are trying to abstain from dairy.

I garnished mine with a fresh strawberry, and sprinkled freeze dried raspberries and bee pollen over top. The bee pollen gives a delicious earthy honey like taste, without overpowering sweetness, and the intense freeze dried berries really make this pop!



-1 banana
-1 cup frozen strawberries
-3 tablespoons raw cacao powder
-2 scoops chocolate protein powder
-Half coconut and half almond milk till desired consistency
-Fresh or freeze dried berries, and/or bee pollen to garnish

Method Notes:
-Add the bananas, frozen berries and powders first. Blend until smooth before adding the liquid to ensure you don’t end up with lumps that can’t fit up your straw!


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