Filling up the Tank: Red & Greens Smoothie

So last post I mentioned how tiny recommended portion sizes actually are. So what do you do if you’re still hungry? No one here is going to tell you to starve, that’s for sure. I am one of those kinds of people that gets really grumpy when I’m hungry, and no one likes to be around a hangry person. So don’t be that person. Fill up on veggies instead. I’m not talking potatoes or big starchy veggies (though you can eat these in moderation as well). I’m talking broccoli, carrots, capsicum (bell peppers for those Americans reading this) and so on.

Ideally you want to buy fresh, and steam them, or roast with a tiny bit of coconut oil. However, for those on the go, I find the easiest way to get a big dose of veg is to whack it into a smoothie. If you don’t have much time to prepare veggies, try buying a couple of packs of snap frozen veg, especially an antioxidant mix with capsicum and spinach. I was skeptical at first, as I have always wondered what other rubbish is put in with them, but my boyfriend convinced me his nutritionist swears by them, and to be fair, after three days of eating pretty much a bag a day, instead of all the other crap I usually need to fill up, I have managed to lose half a kilo and feel much better! While I would still definitely encourage buying organic and buying fresh, unfortunately this isn’t realistic for a lot of people, so snap-frozen can be a great option. The bonus is also that these can be added straight into your blender to take the place of ice and keep your smoothie refreshingly cool without making it too watery.

So behold, a green smoothie that doesn’t look creepily green! Enjoy! 😉

Red & Greens Smoothie





100g (Large handful) Oob organic frozen berry mix

200g Frozen Vegetables

Optional extra few leaves of raw kale

1 teaspoon bircher muesli & 1 freeze dried strawberry to top

Coconut Water to personal preference



1. Because of the nature of adding in frozen veggies and berries, try blending these two with the kale first until they are broken down into fine bits.

2. You may need to use a spatula to get the bits that have gone up the sides.

3. Progressively add coconut water to get your desired consistency.

4. Optionally add a small spoonful of muesli and freeze dried berries on top


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