7 Days of Smoothies: Day 4 Cashew Coconut and Mango Ombré Smoothie

7 Days of Smoothies Cashew Coconut and Mango Lassi inspired Ombre smoothie.I am so excited to share this smoothie with you today! My mother is the queen of Mango Lassi, and it is definitely a favourite summer treat in our household. Today I decided to mix it up with some cashew and coconut to create a delicious smoothie that’s full of goodness, and reminiscent of the beautiful summer we are just starting to lose.

Cashew nuts are full of mono-unsaturated fats, which are great for keeping your heart healthy. They also contain almost a third of your daily magnesium needs, which means they are great at staving off those chocolate cravings, which are really your body’s cry for magnesium in disguise.

Mangoes, aside from being absolutely delicious, are packed full of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, plus they are a great go-to fruit to help balance out your skin (which is why I’ll be eating them like they’re going out of fashion this week!) and get rid of clogged pores. See more here.

Coconuts have a list of health benefits almost as tall as the trees they grow on (read more here). I’ve raved on about all the different uses for Coconut Oil here, but they are most of all delicious and nutritious to eat too! They contain medium chain triglycerides which are healthy fats that don’t impact your cholesterol levels. Plus these genius little molecules have been found to greatly help those suffering from systemic candida as they puncture holes in the yeast- so they are definitely a good one to include in your Candida diet.

This smoothie takes a little more prep than the others, but it is well worth the effort for both the nutritional benefit and the taste!


TIME: 10 minutes including making cashew butter


for the Cashew Coconut Smoothie

Small handful of Raw Cashews

1/2 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract

2 teaspoons Agave

Coconut Milk & Almond Milk  (or try So Good Coconut & Almond Milk)

for the Mango

1 peeled Organic Mango, or 1 can of tinned Mango

Coconut Milk & Almond Milk (or So Good mix of the two)

2 teaspoons Agave

1 pinch Ground Cardamom



7 Days of Smoothies Cashew Coconut and Mango Lassi inspired Ombre smoothie.

Cashew nut butter

1. Blend the cashews in a food processor until they form a delicious doughy nut butter. You can add a few drops of the milk to help this process if needs be. Also use a smaller food processor if you want to successfully blend just the amount required for a smoothie (though it’s so worth stocking up on Cashew butter- you will use it in everything!)

2. Add all other ingredients and blend, adding the milk(s) bit by bit until you are happy with the consistency

3. Pour into a separate container, ideally something easy to pour from

4. Make the Mango smoothie by blending all ingredients, adding the milk(s) a little at a time until desired consistency

5. Pour the mango smoothie into your glasses

6. Pour the cashew coconut smoothie on top

7 Days of Smoothies Cashew Coconut and Mango Lassi inspired Ombre smoothie.NOTE: If you want a crisp layer between the two, make sure to add all the mango you want on the bottom. As the cashew mix is lighter, it will sit beautifully on top. For a perfect ombré look just give the layers a gently stir with your straw.


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