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I’m almost thirty.  In fact, I’m closer to 30 than twenty.  BUT, I turned 26 on Sunday and so I want to share 26 things that I’ve learned in my 26 years.  I like to think that I kind of have my ISH together. I’m still blatantly wrong sometimes (even if I’ll never admit it) and I care a tad too much about what I wear everyday, but since we’re all broken models in different ways, I think this model is deluxe edition.

  1. If you’re unsure of your outfit, or your hair, or your lack of toe nail polish, wear bright lipstick.

  2. You’re never too old for a hug from your Mom & it’s totally okay to kiss your Dad, even when you’re 20+.
  3. Love is love no matter what race, religion, sexuality, or height you are.
  4. Thighs are not meant to have a gap.
  5. Women are not made whole…

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