Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Puddings

Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding  finished product


Hello lovelies!

Apologies for the wee delay getting this post up- had to completely restore my computer which meant a great big mission to get these photos back for you! I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! This pudding is really nice and not too overpowering, so it can be eaten on it’s own without topping (and even without the extra sweeteners in the berry and vanilla) as a breakfast; or you can make as I did (or even add more sweetener!) with topping for a dessert!
This recipe is really easy and flexible, so I’ve split it up into each of the different layers in case you want to try one of them specifically or in case you want to play with a particular aspect of it!
So here you go…
1 400ml can coconut milk (or 2 cups of other milk alternative)
2 tsp vanilla
2 teaspoons stevia
6 tablespoons chia
Berry Jelly:
500g frozen berries
2 tablespoons stevia or other sweetener
1 sachet Jel-It-In OR add chia seeds (roughly 3 tablespoons per cup of liquid)
4 tablespoons cocoa powder
3 tablespoons boiling water
2 tablespoons honey or agave
2 cups milk alternative (e.g. soy, almond, or 1 can of coconut milk- I used soy only because I was out of coconut!)
6 tablespoons chia
Berries, coconut and Real Deal Paleo Chocolate to serve.





For the vanilla…

Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding  add the vanilla

Add the vanilla

1. Whisk the coconut milk, stevia and vanilla together (as I was experimenting, I added this AFTER the chia… DON’T. It will get clumpy and you will have to whisk harder to break it all up!)

Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding  Whisk the Vanilla Pudding

Whisk the vanilla pudding

2. Add the chia seeds, and whisk as you go. You will need to whisk every five minutes or so for the next 20 minutes, or until the mixture thickens up. (You can get started on the other layers as you go to save time…)

3. Pour into the jars to create the bottom layer, and keep in the fridge or freezer (if your jars are freezer proof) to set while you cu can get started on the other layers as you go to save time…


For the Berry Jelly…

1. Heat the berries in a small pot. Start with the temperature around medium, stirring to prevent them catching.

2. Gradually, as the juice begins to release, bring them up to a boil. If you have a sweet tooth, add a little stevia, honey, agave or other sweetener. Crush the berries a little so you don’t get chunks that are too big.

Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding  add Jel-It-In to the berries

Add Jel-It-In to the berries

3. Finally, when they are on the boil, sprinkle the Jel-It-In over and mix it in. Make sure to sprinkle it lightly over the whole surface area and mix right away, rather than let it sit in a clump on top as I had to whilst trying to take a photo with one hand!

Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding  add the berry jelly layer

Add the berry layer

4. After letting it stand to cool for a few minutes (but while it’s still pretty hot!) pour into the jars for the second layer, and again, put into the fridge or freezer to set. Make sure they have cooled significantly first however, as the temperature change from very hot to very cold can crack some jars.


For the chocolate pudding…

Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding Dissolve Cocoa

Dissolve cocoa

1. Mix the cocoa and then the honey into the boiling water until they become a very runny chocolate “sauce”

2. Add in your coconut or nut milk and whisk to combine (or cheat with chocolate flavoured soy milk or the like!)

Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding  whisk the chocolate mixture every few minutes

Whisked pudding standing to set

3. Sprinkle over your chia seeds and repeat as with the vanilla pudding.


For the topping…

Add anything you like! Here I just boiled up some extra berries and sprinkled a little coconut and shaved Real Deal Paleo Chocolate for a really berry focused dessert, but you can add anything you like really! Experiment… or eat as is!


Bon appétit!


18 thoughts on “Vanilla Berry Chocolate Chia Puddings

      • That’s awesome! Yeah you should have haha- the world is a tastier place with your recipes around!

        Thank you- would you believe it’s all off my iPhone? I just use that and then Pixelmator for editing to make them a bit brighter (because usually the only time I have to cook is really late at night!)… I think it cost me about $30 on the App Store and it has been awesome- just as good as Photoshop for this kind of thing!

        I wish I had more time to cook though! I have so many things I want to experiment with and not enough time! 😥


      • Sure it’s right here:ॐ/

        Initially I had planned on this being more than just food, more to do with a holistic, healthy and community involved lifestyle… But I think I underestimated how much work that would be when I started, and now that I have much less time with work and prepping for med school my food stuff tends to be the easiest and fastest to post- seeing as I have to make pretty much all my food from scratch anyway and all I have to do is take photos as I go!

        Hopefully one day I’ll have a little more time to be able to delve more into the philosophical side of the lifestyle I try to promote on here but we will see! For the moment I’m enjoying the excuse to make yummy stuff and play around with presentation! 😉

        I do have a few non-food posts planned soon though!



      • Just read type om post! Words cannot describe how beautifully you have written it! It is so wonderful that you have experienced the Bliss from Om it is definitely a life changer. You are so right about everyone being connected. We are all of the same energy and spiritually we have much to learn. It’s a great journey!

        I very much look forward to reading your non food posts too!

        I’m sure that you will have more time later to share your spiritual wisdom that I see you clearly have 🙂 and you can enlighten us! 🙂


      • Thank you Dimple!
        That is so lovely! I know I will some time soon, they have been formulating in the back of my mind for quite some time so I am sure they will eventually find their way out and onto my blog!

        Sending you lots of love and light 🙂


      • Oh no! I used to be like that too haha, I guess it just takes practice! I made some pretty horrible tasting ones in the process of coming up with this recipe and also making my own afters! Note to self: don’t add a tonne of stevia, it will come out sickeningly sweet! So I ended up with “vanilla” ones that just taste like pure stevia… Not as pleasant as it sounds!

        I put chia in salads though? That could be a good starting option hehe 🙂


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