I’m back!

Hello my lovelies!

What an exciting time it has been but how I have missed you, my friends in the blogosphere! It’s only been a few weeks but it feels like forever since I last posted and got to enjoy our lovely chats! So some of you have been asking what I’ve been up to and what my secret mission is and why I’ve disappeared for so long so I thought I’d share the news…

I just applied for Med School!

Yep, I’ve only just graduated from my first four years of all-nighters; rushed essays; midnight freak outs in the library the night before assignments are due…. and I’m signing up for six more years of it!

Call me crazy, but it is an opportunity I just can’t afford to miss, and I have you all to thank for your constant inspiration; words of kindness; and support which have given me the confidence to go after this Big Hairy Audacious Goal! Before joining the online community with this blog I never had the self-confidence to think I could actually do this, and while I’m not there yet (oh just casually an entire year of fierce competition; a perfect UMAT score; and an aced interview; plus six years of slogging it out with the books away! :/ ) I finally think I may have a shot at this!

I will keep you posted on progress, but I promise I will not let this get in the way of my plans for omBlog! Just please bear with me if I can’t post as frequently as I used to, or if your comments or questions go a little longer unanswered than usual- I promise I do care and I will do my best to get back to you amazing people! OmBlog started out of my passion for health, and my mission to help make the world a healthier, and happier place, and I have been so privileged to meet (even if not in person!) so many of you inspirational people who are working on your own journeys, and doing your bit to make this world AWESOME too!

Soooo….. I have had a number of people asking about recipes and when I will be posting more, so just letting you know they are on the way and I will be getting them up as fast as possible now that the admissions hoopla is over! I was working on creating a downloadable e-Book with some of my favourite concoctions, but I really just can’t wait to share them so here are a few I have worked on at home, let me know in the comments which ones you want recipes for and I will try to get them up in order of demand!

Lots of love and light,


Recipes to come…

Superfood Energy Bars

Superfood Energy Bars

Pre-workout Ice cream

Energising Pre-workout Ice cream

Healthful Choc Protein Cookies

Lavender Lemon Almond Biscuits

Lavender Lemon Almond Biscuits

Lavender Honey Bananas

Lavender Honey Banana Breakfast

Choc Coconut Cupcakes

Choc Coconut Cupcakes

Avocado cream Zoodles with Salmon

Avocado cream Zoodles with Salmon

Cucumber Coconut Smoothie

Berry Best Smoothie

Berry Best Smoothie

…let me know your favourites in the comments and I will work on putting them up!

6 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Thanks Dimple! But I have to pass all the first year exams and get in yet… it’s just been a mission to get everything sorted for enrolment! Oh yay, I loved them but they are an acquired taste as they are all paleo friendly so gluten and dairy free but I hope you will enjoy them!


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