Honey Glazed Salmon in 10 minutes

Honey Glazed Salmon with garlic

Honey Glazed Salmon

Continuing on with the recipe buzz I have been on over the last wee while, I thought I would share this easy entrée I whipped up the other day.

I have always loved my Mum’s salmon, but I figured that using a tonne of brown sugar for that lovely sweet caramelised glazing isn’t exactly the most natural thing in the world. So I decided to use a bit of honey instead in an effort to be a bit more Paleo! It’s still a sugar though, so this is definitely still a treat for me but boy is it delicious!

This is great because it’s so easy and can be whipped up in 10 minutes which is perfect as an entrée (read: stalling mechanism) if you have unexpected guests for dinner!


-Nice big juicy salmon fillet

-1 Tablespoon Honey

-1 Tablespoon Oil (Olive if possible)

-1 Clove of finely chopped garlic


1. Preheat oven to highest temperature for grilling

Honey Glazed Salmon with garlic

Honey and Garlic glazing

2. Literally just put all the glazing ingredients in a small bowl and mix them up

Honey Glazed Salmon with garlic

Glaze using a pastry brush

3. Glaze the salmon using a pastry brush

4. Grill the salmon (with the oven door open!) for 8 to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the fillet. I did mine (180g) for nine because I was a little distracted and it came out a bit darker than I usually like. Bear in mind that the garlic will ALWAYS go black at this heat, so if you’re not a fan of the really dark colour (it tastes so good though!) then you will need to omit the garlic and put less glaze on or bake it (which will take longer).

Honey Glazed Salmon with garlic

Perfect moist flakes- nom nom!

5. Enjoy!

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