Raw Almond Butter

Raw almond butter recipe


If you’ve checked out my Paleo chocolate recipes then as you can probably imagine, I have been using a tonne of almond butter. At around ten bucks a pop for a tiny jar, this is one thing I just can’t afford to splurge on anymore. Lucky for me, it is one of the simplest things to make, it just takes a little patience. So here’s how you do it:

One and only ingredient: Raw almonds (of course Organic is best, but whatever your budget allows)

Time: 15 minutes

Optional: Roast almonds for 10 minutes with a little oil for more intense flavour. If using in recipes such as Paleo chocolates, I prefer raw.

Raw almond butter recipe

Into the food processor…

1. Add almonds to your food processor and blend on medium. (I used 2 1/2 cups)

Raw almond butter recipe

Blend, blend, blend

2. After about 5 minutes, crank it up to full speed. The mix will rise up the sides of the processor so stop to push it back down as needed.

Raw almond butter recipe

Blend some more and use a spoon to clear the sides

3. Keep blending for about 5 minutes and you will get this kind of consistency which looks almost there. DO keep on going, your almonds will release more of their natural oil over the next few minutes to come out with perfect consistency

Raw almond butter recipe


4. Voilà! Now find a pretty jar and you’re done!

Raw almond butter recipe



5 thoughts on “Raw Almond Butter

    • Hey there 🙂 It’s really delicious, well worth trying! It’s not as full-on as peanut butter though. I use it in a lot of baking so this recipe (just raw almonds) works best for that, but if you want to have it as a spread on toast etc. I’d definitely recommend roasting them first as it will bring out the flavour a bit more. Hope you enjoy your first taste! 🙂


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