Easy Peasy Paleo Chocolate

Healthy Paleo chocolate finished product broken into chunks and served in ramekin as side

Finished product Easy Peasy Paleo Chocolate broken into chunks

Carrying on with the Easy Peasy Paleo theme from my last post, I just couldn’t resist giving these babies a try when they popped up on my newsfeed from the awesome team at MindBodySexy! (You can check them out here!).

After seeing the simple ingredients, which were all conveniently in my pantry, I knew my self control couldn’t handle going without! I made some adjustments as I went along to make it more to my taste (I’m not the biggest peanut butter fan!) so have included those here, but definitely also check out the original if you want something not quite so rich but a bit sweeter!

This comes out tasting a bit like a dark chocolate Reese’s cup but less peanutty and with that hint of honey- yum! But best of all it’s GOOD FOR YOU! It is packed with protein and antioxidants and all sorts of other brilliant qualities you can check out on the MindBodySexy post here, as I used all the same ingredients- just in differing quantities.

Ingredients for healthy paleo chocolate: Trade Aid Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Powder; Ceres Organic Coconut Oil; Macro Organic 100% Peanut butter; Arataki honey

Simple ingredients- minus the vanilla extract!


-3 tablespoons Cocoa powder or Cacao

-2 tablespoons Coconut oil

-2 tablespoons Peanut butter (Organic, 100% peanuts- no additives or any of that yucky stuff!)

-1 tablespoon honey

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional but so much better with it!)


1. Boil some water in a small pot

Coconut oil; peanut butter; honey; cocoa and vanilla in heated metal bowl to make healthy paleo chocolate

All the ingredients in the bowl

2. Place ingredients in metal bowl (large enough to sit on top of the pot)

3. Prepare your recipient ie. chocolate moulds, cupcake cases, or if you want a block like me I used the lid of a clip-it container lined with paper. Just make sure it is something that can go in the freezer, and if it is not flexible you need to line it with paper so you can take the block out at the end.

Double boiler for making healthy paleo chocolate: Place the bowl on top of the freshly boiled water

Place the bowl on top of the freshly boiled water

4. Make a double boiler by placing the bowl over the pot and immediately take the water off the boil

5. Gently stir ingredients using a metal spoon, until they are thoroughly melted and mixed to look like melted chocolate

*NOTE: Take it off the pot as soon as it’s melted through so you don’t burn it

Melted healthy paleo chocolate mix in plastic container lid as mould

Pour the mixture into your mould of choice

6. Pour into your recipient and leave to set in the freezer for about an hour, or as long as you can wait till you taste it!

Healthy paleo chocolate block removed from mould

Paleo choc block


*NOTE: If you’re unlike me and you actually have enough self control to not eat the whole lot in one sitting, then make sure you keep it in the freezer so that it doesn’t melt as it will do at room temperature!


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