Frozen Banana and Almond Wakeup Shake

This looks amazing! I was suitably impressed with my own healthy banana milkshake for brekky yesterday. I think this recipe is on the cards for next time, minus the coffee!

food to glow

frozen banana and almond wakeup shakeMilkshakes for breakfast. Not quite what you might expect from food to glow. Kale shakes, like my kale berry smoothie  perhaps. But not a milkshake. And most certainly not one for breakfast.

I have previously had a rant about terrible breakfasts, but not a word did I write about milkshakes. Who in their right mind would have a milkshake for breakfast? All that sugar and saturated fat? Surely this is something only children might crave. Well… despite my predilection for savoury, kale-infested packed breakfasts (my recipe index tells all…), the idea of a milkshake – a healthy one – on a hot summer’s day actually sounds kinda nice. So, if I think it sounds nice,  99% of the population probably thinks so too. And, this bad boy is adults only. Unless you like your children wired and tearing around the house like Superman.

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