Loving your body with juice

After my last post I decided to re-focus my energy on productive and more positive tasks, juicing was one of them!

Before I give away the recipe for my awesome cold and winter sniffles-busting boost juice, here’s my little take on juicing:

First up, I do not solely subsist on juice. Ever. I believe that our bodies are designed to eat whole foods, and therefore I think juice detox diets are pretty…well…stupid. Juicing does lose a lot of the nutrients that can be found in the skins of fruits and veggies, and of course missing out on fibre from eating whole fruits and veges is not good for the majority of us who do not get enough fibre in the first place.

However, I do think juicing is a great way to go to pack extra vitamins into your day. I usually have at least one fruit and veggie juice a day as an extra to make sure that I am getting as many nutrients as possible. This is really handy for me when I am on the run and need something on the go. I also find juices are great for a pre-Bikram snack. My body is used to eating every few hours during the day, so frankly, trying to go 2 or 3 hours without food before Bikram is more torturous for me than the class itself… but of course eating within this window is bound to make poses way more uncomfortable with bits sloshing around in my tummy. Juice is my answer to this! I think juice can also make getting more natural fruit and veggie nutrients much more pleasurable for those who (unlike me) aren’t big fans of whole fruits and veg. Flavour combinations are endless and can be great to mix up instead of opting for a less healthy snack. So without any further ado, here is the recipe for the juice I whipped up this weekend.

apple, beetroot, lemon, ginger and black kale juice

Sniffle-buster: apple, beetroot, lemon, ginger and black kale juice

Sniffle-busting Boost Juice

1 bag of organic black kale (Cavalo nero) (about ten full leaves)

3 medium sized organic granny smith apples, skin on (I had two larger ones and two small ones so three medium is about right!)

1 organic lemon, skin off

1 small to medium sized organic beetroot, cleaned and with tails (and any particularly dirty bits) chopped off

1 small organic ginger clove, peeled


Wash everything thoroughly and then juice up! Following the advice of the Ceres girls, I did the kale first so that I could run it through twice for maximum extraction. I just juiced it all up and then went through and again ran the pulp back through to maximise juice output, and as I wanted to make the most of it given I didn’t have time to make anything with the pulp! I found this was particularly useful for the ginger, as my juicer missed big chunks of it.

Boyfriend was sick last week and so I gave him this on Friday night to help clear up his sniffles. Admittedly, I gave it to him fresh off the juicer (apparently not cold enough!) and he recoiled, only to say the next day it was actually really good and helpful! Lesson: Chill before serving! He’s better now, and he thinks that the juice helped, so I think this is a winner!




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