6. Give yourself time

6-Give yourself time to do everything

Be kind to yourself. You are not super human. This is something my boyfriend is reminding me of constantly. I legitimately think I can get ready in twenty minutes…. which turns out to usually be three quarters of an hour. Thankfully I have a very understanding partner who factors this in whenever we have somewhere to be, but it can be stressful for me too!

Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. Having realistic expectations of what you really can achieve in a day is so important to keeping calm and not allowing everything to pile up and destroy your self confidence. Easy solution: time yourself. Find out exactly how long is does take to get ready, to read or write a certain number of words, to get from A to B and always allow a buffer to make sure you have time to do tasks, and do them properly without stressing.


Sorry for random and/or irregular posts guys, am working on one that is really close to my heart and one which I feel is really important. So I am just trying to make sure I give that the best I’ve got and that I get it checked over by experts on the matter to make sure I’m not blogging rubbish!

Please do feel free to leave feed back in the comments or to email me or comment or message me on Facebook- what you think is really important to me so I’d love to hear from you!


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