4. Schedule in ME time

4- Schedule in ”me” time

I can not stress how important this one is. We are not robots. We have limited tolerance for stress. We don’t actually run well on gallons of coffee and energy drinks. We need to recharge our batteries with “me” time.

This can be anything that you enjoy and that makes you calm and feel refreshed. Some people love working out, but obviously this isn’t going to work if working out is on your To-Do-List as a chore. Reading books can be great and relaxing, but not if it’s reading through study or work-related content frantically. Give yourself the opportunity to be kind to yourself and kind to your body. Schedule it in if you have to, and if you’re after uninterrupted zen time then make sure you turn off distractions like your phone or computer. The world can wait. You’ll feel so much better for it, and afterwards will be in a much more clear space to be much more effective at getting everything done.

My top “me time” activities:

1. Yoga or other stretching

2. Doing something for my body like going for a spa or getting a massage. Even giving yourself a massage works!

3. Making healthy, nourishing fun food like smoothies or baking

4. Reading a good novel (I love reading non-fiction too, but sometimes that can be harder to get into!)

5. Getting outside and going for a walk, swim, or anything that allows me to experience nature and the peace that comes with it



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