9. To Do Lists are your Friend


Tying up to number 10, writing stuff down is possibly the easiest way to feel sorted. I find writing is a bit cathartic, so whether it’s thoughts I want to get out, or writing a to do list to make myself feel more ordered it is definitely the way to go for peace of mind. You might think that you can remember it all, but trust me, write it down and when you get stuff done you can cross it off with a great big red felt tip. Best. Feeling. Ever. 

Writing a To Do List might seem like a no brainer, but everyone knows how often they go uncompleted and scrunched up at the bottom of our bags, so here are some key things to keep in mind when trying to keep your To Dos effective:

-Write the lists in priority rank

-If priorities change, highlight this with numbers or exclamation marks or any symbol that makes it really clear

-Try to write a time frame for the task to be completed in

-Be specific, and break tasks down if necessary

Regular To Do List:

-Tidy room

-Write essay

-Work out

Effective To Do List:

-Tidy room by Monday

–>Clear Desk (10 mins)

–>Do Washing (30 mins)

–>Sort out clothes for Sallies (2 hours)

-Go to gym for Zumba on Tuesday (1 hour)

-Write Essay For Politics 355 by Wednesday

–>Complete Readings (4 hours)

–>Brainstorm (1 hour)

–>Write essay plan (30 mins)

–>Draft essay (6 hours)

–>Proof read and edit essay (2 hours)

–>Write Bibliography and References (2 hours)

–>Format and hand in (40 mins)

The second example might look long-winded and long, but it serves the main point of the To Do List (other than not forgetting stuff!)- de-cluttering your mind. The second one might take five minutes longer to think out and plan, but the point is that you have a plan. This means that you know exactly how much time you need to complete your tasks (though this will be followed up later- allow a buffer!) and you have already done the thinking required.

Now you can stop worrying about the tasks and stop having them distract you because you have created an action plan to solve the problem.


Let me know what you think, if you have anything else to add or any other feedback to help de-clutter then drop me a line in the comments!


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