10. PRIORITISE, Prioritise, prioritise

Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise

Prioritisation is key to de-cluttering your mind and zapping stress out of your system

This one is pretty straight forward.

1. Do a stock-take of which tasks are the most urgent, and most important

2. Rank them in order of importance and urgency

3. Complete in that order

4. Focus on the task at hand and don’t worry about any other tasks till you get to their turn

Sometimes I have found it useful to scale tasks, so something might not be number one for urgency of due date, but if it is pretty urgent and is easier or faster or more effective to get done first then I’ll do that.

You may well find that even prioritising tasks doesn’t get you through them all, if this is the case then you need to re-evaluate the tasks you have assigned yourself.

-Does it really matter if your place isn’t 120% spotless before friends come over?

->Are they good friends?

–>If so, then no doubt they will understand and not even bat an eyelid at your papers strewn over the table.

Be kind to yourself, you are only human, and if your list of priorities means that some things keep slipping back to the bottom of the list then so be it, maybe alphabetising the book shelf isn’t imperative to your happiness after all. Be content to do those bottom of the list tasks later when you have time; delegate them to someone else; or, if you must, then write them off and be at peace with the fact that in your situation it was simply not feasible to do it all.


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