Learning and Living Forgiveness- A Teaser

"Forgiveness" light blue border with cyan and green hue leaves

So here’s a little teaser of a post I’m working on. You might wonder how forgiveness ties into living Green, but this is part of my holistic idea of what it really means to live a “Green” lifestyle which for me encompasses all aspects of mind, body, and soul, rather than just buying eco store products or setting up composting in your kitchen. To me, being “Green” is about living in harmony with nature, and though we seem to forget- humans are nature too! If we want to make this world a better place, it is so important that we make sure we are empowering and inspiring other people- I think forgiveness is one of the building blocks of this- forgiving not only others, but also ourselves. So here’s a wee taste:

Forgiveness is the most empowering thing you can do. It doesn’t mean condoning that person’s behaviour, nor does it mean you have to make yourself vulnerable to them again. It just means trying to understand that the thing they did does not reflect who you are or what you stand for. It means accepting what has happened from a place of love and it means learning as much as you can from the situation, and allowing yourself to be at peace with it and with the person. If you can truly fully forgive someone who has hurt you, it is the most empowering thing you can do, not for them (they may not even know you’ve forgiven them) but for YOU.



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