10 actions to help de-clutter your life and your mind

Actions list

Life can be stressful. These days it seems like everybody has to be in ten places at once, available every second of the day and if you go off the radar for five minutes suddenly you have a million missed calls; a backlog of txts and emails; and people think you’re:
a) avoiding them
b) dead in a ditch…in the middle of nowhere, out of cellphone range.

Unfortunately, while the odd moments of business can make us feel important, needed, and loved, a lot of the time they end up recurring and becoming incredibly draining. Authors like Dr. Libby have made their whole careers around addressing this issue, and yet we still seem to have a habit of running ourselves into the ground. For me, this was something I did consistently, assignment after assignment, semester after semester at uni, work and in my home and social life. It is not healthy. Stress has played a huge role in my personal sickness, and I know in those of close friends. If you survey all the medical conditions, as far as I can tell, just about everyone has some link to stress.

When we get to this place of insane business and stress additional tasks often keep mounting and it becomes hard to figure out where to start. So I’ve compiled a list of ten lessons I have learned and found effective to de-clutter my life and mind. They’re in no particular order, except probably the top 3.

10- Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise
9- To Do Lists are your friend
8-Declutter your space
7-Use technology to your advantage, or turn it off!
6-Give yourself time to do everything
5- Don’t be afraid to ask for help
4- Schedule in “me” time
3- Let it go- don’t dwell on the past
2- Be present, don’t fret about the future
1- Learn to say “No”

I’ll be going through these in more detail later on for those that want more info and suggestions.

If you want to chat, feel free to hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, or drop me a line below.

If you have any other strategies that have helped you to live a more peaceful, stress-free life then please leave them in the comments below!


ॐ Kera

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